Pathway New Mexico Scenic Tours by Navajo Designs
"Walk on the Pathways of Ancient Peoples"

Experience a Native American Guided Tour in the Southwest by a Navajo Tour Guide. Our New Mexico scenic tours can include sight seeing, hiking, and lots of information in the Gallup, New Mexico area.


All tours will experience the land of the Southwest through the eyes of a Navajo. A brief visit will expose you to the Navajo culture and history. You will learn about the Anasazis; the peoples who inhabited the Southwest prior to the Navajos. You will also get a glimpse of the Native American world views through the traditions of language, kinship, and religious contributions. Geological attractions will be explored in the surrounding landscape. Tours will also include medicinal and utilitarian uses of the local plants. Stories akin to the Native cultures will be told.

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Families and Groups from around the globe are welcome at Pathway Tours!




Guided Tours

* Guided walk/hike at the Red Rocks, Gallup, NM
(2-3 hours)
$10.00/person, (minimum: 4 people or $40)

* Half day and full day tours (Step-on-guide) around the Gallup area. Can include a short hike(s).
$25 per hour

* Step-on-guide for Bus Tours in the Gallup area.
$35.00 per hour

* Spend 1-2 hours learning about the Navajo culture over a cup of coffee.

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