Navajo Designs

"'Ya' at' eeh', and welcome to our website."

Create opportunities for change that benefit families.

Revitalize and restore self-sustaining communities

Navajo Designs is owned and operated by the Skeet family of Gallup, NM. We are a for-profit organization that receives donations to continue promoting small businesses. We are not concerned with making money, but concerned with putting more money in the pockets of the Native artisans and food on the table of Navajos living in oppressed communities. It is an opportunity to provide an alternative to handouts for them.

Our goal is to create economic opportunities for Native communities to be self-sufficient. It is a wholistic approach to improve the lives of the people, help them maintain their lands, and revitalize and restore their Navajo communities. Our desire is to look at sustainable ways to maintain and promote a way life closely kin to tribal expressions known by the Navajos. Our vision is to see our pathways meet the pathways of our ancestors, thereby strengthening the family unit and the community as a whole. Navajos have traditionally held to the belief in the strength and prosperity of all, rather than individual prosperity.

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Skeet Family

James, who is a Navajo, was born and raised around the Gallup, NM area. His wife, Joyce, grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania and has been living in the Southwest for many years. They have 2 boys, Malcolm and Martin. James and Joyce have both experienced, lived, worked and been accepted within both cultures and raise the boys to respect and enjoy all cultures. Over the years they have represented Native Americans and Anglos in reconciliation events and cultural education across the United States.

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Native entrepreneurship strengthens traditions and carries with it values for future generations. The economic welfare of the Navajo people is woven into the fabric of communities on the reservation. Owning businesses creates a competitive edge that will allow Navajo peoples to regain dignity and a position in their communities as active participants rather than passive recipients.